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Gigple Business provides companies with a go-to solution for all their freelance hiring needs! Through the platform, businesses have access to features that are designed specifically to make recruitment easier. These include probation periods so you can test out freelancers before committing; long term options allowing flexible contracts and project based roles if required - plus rehiring of alumni who've worked at your company in the past is made simple too!

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Gigple Business offers both digital and people solutions.

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At Gigple Business Solutions, we offer an array of exceptional offerings that can help shape a positive culture and foster strong relationships. Come explore our talents initiatives to maximize your organization's success!

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Gigple Business give organisations the power to see what's happening on their front line and get a realistic look into their workplace culture. Unlock fresh insights for better decision-making with this revolutionary solution!


Manage Freelancers

Discover the revolutionary workspace that lets you collaborate with your team, manage projects, and share freelancers. Streamline all of your operations in one spot!

Achieve financial stability while experiencing the liberty to live life on your own terms

Traditional jobs shouldn't hinder what truly matters. At Gigple, we believe work is more than just a place you go to, it's something you do.

We prioritize placing your value at the heart of your career, avoiding office politics and unnecessary meetings. Our goal is to revolutionize the concept of work in Asia by connecting desirable jobs with qualified candidates, regardless of location. It's that straightforward.

Our aim is simple: To disrupt the traditional concept of work in Asia by connecting sought-after jobs with qualified and reliable candidates — no matter where they may be located. It’s that simple

Probation Trial

Take the gamble and see which freelancer is the jackpot for your company! Hiring on a probation period lets you trial potential new talent without committing long-term. Find out quickly who will be an asset to your organization - cut ties if needed or secure their success with a permanent contract.


Complimentary one-time website SEO audit (valued at RM 4,000)

You will receive a comprehensive SEO analysis report of your website, to better understand its Search Engine Optimization performance, enabling your site to be more easily found by customers on Google Search Engines.


Complimentary analytics checklist (valued at RM 6,000)

Implementation of Analytics is a tough, complex and time consuming process.Gigple will share a proprietary checklist to help guide users in their analytics journey.


30% rebate on digital marketing services provided by our partner AdMatik

Admatik helps brands create and place rich media content into its publisher network that reaches over 12 million monthly unique readers across Malaysia

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