About Gigple

Gigple is a platform that connects jobseekers and employers.

Through Gigple, jobseekers can find gigs and flexible job opportunities and employers can quickly connect with and hire jobseekers with the right expertise all within the platform.

Gigple aims to revolutionize the conventional staffing industry by making qualified resources accessible to employers at a fraction of a recruitment cost and redefining the idea of work as something that jobseekers deliver instead of a location that they have to turn up to.

Our jobseekers base are made up of talents from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and other ASEAN countries.

For inquiry, proposal or partnership opportunities, please write to us at: support@gigple.com

Why Gigple?
Make a living whilst creating a meaningful life
Make a living whilst creating a meaningful life
Don’t let the rigidity of a traditional job get in the way of the things that really matter. At Gigple, we understand that work is something that you do and not somewhere that you go. We champion the idea of putting your value at the centre of your career — not office politics and endless meetings.
Our aim is simple: To disrupt the traditional concept of work in Asia by connecting sought-after jobs with qualified and reliable candidates — no matter where they may be located. It’s that simple.
Enjoy peace of mind with payments
Flexible work shouldn’t compromise financial security. Gigple asks that all jobs be broken down into manageable pieces which in turn allows for fair and transparent compensation. For employees, this means that you are clear on what is expected of you along the way and consequently when you will be remunerated. For employers, this means you get what you pay for. A win-win.
Make a living whilst creating a meaningful life
Make a living whilst creating a meaningful life
Collaborate and engage on one simple platform
Gigple’s proprietary platform allows you to control your job preferences, communicate, download briefs, upload assignments, receive payments and much more.
In short, our aim is to offer a more enjoyable, collaborative and reliable approach to work for employees as well as employers. Oh, and not to mention — our team of enthusiastic individuals is here to support you along the way should you require any help!