Although pay gaps between male and female talents of the same calibre are gradually closing worldwide, it’s still astonishing to see roles like CEO, sales consultants, developers, and even academics still having pay gaps as large as 25%.

Fortunately, more and more progressive industries, communities, and companies are taking firm stances on equal pay, leading the way to resolving any disparities. Even better — they also support flexible work arrangements and remote positions.

Virtual roles and freelance opportunities can also help enforce equal pay from fixed payment rates and by preventing unhealthy in-office politics that may enable discrimination in environments that are more conservative. 

Here are eight known brands that pay equally (and hire globally!):

1. Hilton

With a portfolio of 14 hospitality brands, this iconic hotel chain has committed to equal pay and is working to implement it across their network of 5,100 hotels across 104 countries. Remote positions that Hilton have advertised for include Retail Senior Managers and Sales Directors.

2. FedEx

FedEx is an equal opportunities employer committed to diversifying its workforce and treating all employees fairly and equally; regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. With over 300,000 employees worldwide, FedEx provides shipping and packaging services to over 220 countries, and offers flexible positions for part-time, remote or even seasonal workers.

3. Adobe

Adobe has promised to pay women $1.00 for every $1.00 earned by their male colleagues and are working to include equal pay options for their offices in India and Asia. Their flexible jobs include roles such as Senior Enterprise Account Manager; Senior Consultant, Public Sector Sales Director, and Technical Consultant.

4. Amazon

In 2016, Amazon signed the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge to support fair treatment of female employees and minorities. Flexible positions that Amazon have advertised for include DevOps Consultant, Enterprise Sales Representative, and Senior Solutions Architect.

5. Apple

Apple has taken to reviewing all its employee compensation, salary, and bonus plans, and worked to eliminate any pay gaps under its corporation. Its flexible jobs include Customer Service and Safety Specialists, Reseller Specialists, and Seasonal Specialists.

6. eBay

After a gender pay equity study on their American offices, eBay discovered that its female employees earn 99.8% of what the men earned for the same jobs. As they work to close the remaining 0.2%, the digital marketplace is also committed to making sure that their international offices practice equal pay as well. eBay has been known to advertise for flexible roles such as Supervisor, Customer Experience, and Live Event Support.

7. Expedia

Expedia has been actively analysing their organisation to identify and resolve any payment disparity between its female and male employees. In 2016, the online travel company claimed that women make up more than half of their workforce worldwide and are paid equally to men. However, the company believes that there is more work to be done, especially in bringing more female representation into leadership roles. Expedia’s flexible positions include Manager and Senior Engineer.

8. Microsoft

The software powerhouse too holds a strong stance on equal pay and equal treatment for all genders and ethnicity groups, and have hired remote DevOps Engineers, Identity Managers, Solutions Engineers, Web Developers, and Business Analysts.

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