The EPF Financial Literacy Survey 2022 is a vital effort by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to gain deeper understanding of the financial literacy levels of its current and future members. Through this survey, the EPF wants to get a clearer picture of the financial knowledge and attitudes of the members in order to develop appropriate policies, regulations and programmes to facilitate better financial planning. In order to gather comprehensive information on the financial literacy level among its members, the EPF will be seeking assistance from Sharing Economy Platform Partners. This entails extending an invitation for its gig workers and freelancers to take part in this survey. The information gathered through this survey will be analysed by professional researchers, economists, experts and other personnel from relevant fields in order to develop more tailored solutions that can help EPF's members make sound decisions regarding their finances. The objective of this survey is not only to measure current proficiency in matters related to financial literacy but also consider future needs when it comes to access and use of financial services. In line with that, there has been an increase in focus on developing digital tools as part of the surveys such as budgeting tools, savings calculators etc., which can enable better financial planning for users. Additionally, EPF hopes that through providing accurate and pertinent data about its members' comprehension on money matters it can make informed decisions about how best it can improve its services offered towards them. The feedback from these surveys are now being used by EPF as valuable input in designing strategies for increasing financial literacy among Malaysians as well as improving existing policies and products that support their mission towards empowering individuals with more secure retirement savings plans.   Here is the link to participate in the survey, for your reference :