Children, family, health, education — there are many personal reasons why you would need to take a long break from the corporate world.

Diving back into the grind after being away from a 9-5 (more like 9-6 for most!) schedule for a while can be daunting and stressful. Beyond the common constrictions of time and money, there are insecurities such as outdated or unbrushed skills, and having to compete with younger candidates.

Whether you’re coming from a major life event such as a new child or a traumatic health scare; or you’re looking for a viable solution to accommodate a balanced lifestyle that will fulfill your circumstances and wellbeing — a great way to help you gradually re-enter the workforce is to take up a flexible job. And here are five reasons why.

1. It lets you start slow

The first few months of your comeback are crucial as you adjust and ease your way back into the fast-paced workforce. A flexible work arrangement gives you better control over your schedule by allowing you to choose or even reduce your hours. Taking things slow will also let you recalibrate and prioritise your career goals according to your circumstances.

2. You don’t have to step into an office straight away (or ever!)

A majority of flexible jobs allow you to work from home or remotely. This doesn’t just remove the dread of rush hour and having to sit put in a demanding environment for eight hours a day; it also means that you can avoid common workplace stressors such as office politics and unwanted social obligations. And yes, you can also choose to work from an exotic location if you happen to be traveling (now who wouldn’t want that?).

3. You'll actually have more time to work

Working from home or having flexible hours allows you to concentrate more readily on your tasks without having to include factors such as unnecessary meetings and commute time on your clock. That means that you can complete your tasks earlier or take your time completing them to get it right.

4. You'll have more time to focus on why you took a break in the first place.

More quality time with your loved ones. Being around so someone can finally come in to fix the washing machine. Making parent-teacher meetings. Getting exercise in at the studio you prefer. Having time to cook and eat better. Starting a side business. Whatever your personal goals or needs are — imagine what you can do with having 1-2 hours freed up a day.

5. You can brush up on new skills in your own time

These days, there are plenty of resources online that share teachings, guides and courses for free (or for a very affordable price). If you need to catch up on new methods, trends, tools and practices that your company or industry has now adopted — get up to date in your own time so you can add that to your portfolio stat!

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