Think flexible and remote jobs are only reserved for roles in customer support and sales, or trendy specialists of the tech and marketing sectors? Think again.

The world of flex jobs spans a much wider range of industries and skill sets. Here are five examples of interesting and unexpected jobs that we found to expand your horizons:

1. Digital Archivist

Many libraries, educational institutions, and research centres require dedicated help with developing a digital repository of archival materials such as presentations, reports, documents, images, and spreadsheets. The project can last anywhere between several months to a few years. The goal is to design an infrastructure that makes the materials accessible to staff and researchers.

2. Retouching Artist

With the growing demand for visually-gripping marketing campaigns, presentations, websites, and such — stock images alone won’t do. The work of producing exceptional artwork and photographs are now often outsourced, as seen with companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. A Digital Retouching Artist would work closely with the design team of a company to develop photorealistic art assets. Even Disney has been known to hire freelancers to work on their film posters and promotional materials.

3. Product Tester

While not everyone will be able to make a sole livelihood out of product testing, this role does make for a fun side gig! From gadgets and apps to cosmetics and video games, product testers are usually hired by marketing firms to evaluate and provide feedback on products and services before they’re available for the public to purchase. Many company panels include monetary payment on top of the product as compensation.

4. Event Operations Specialist

This role can be taken on a flexible schedule or even done remotely, and is a great opportunity for those that are passionate about event coordination and community development. An Event Operations Specialist is also responsible for managing external vendors, customer representatives, and any team and elements integrated into the production of a successful event.

5. User Researcher

A User Researcher (sometimes referred to as UX Researcher or Qualitative User Experience Researcher) focuses on the user experience (UX) design. Spanning many industries, a user researcher studies and understands a target audience and how a customer and user would interact with a product or service from awareness to completion.

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