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EPF : Financial Literacy Survey 2022

The EPF Financial Literacy Survey 2022 is a vital effort by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to gain deeper understanding of the financial literacy levels of its current and future members. Through this survey, the EPF wants to get a clearer pic...

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How does the Gig Economy really impact marketers?

As the gig economy expands, the number of independent contractors globally is arguably at an all time high, thanks to universal technology adoption.. While data sources vary, all of them agree that the number of independently employed individuals...

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Why MSMEs are turning to on-demand workers to get the job done

Companies are increasingly hiring freelancers to fill job demands rather than full-time employees. What makes this growing segment of the workforce so attractive to businesses?

We have entered the era of the gig worker.

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Why Fariza Sakina Left Corporate Life to Run a Startup That Empowers Freelancers

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The world has always valued skilled individuals, but even more so now, particularly with the rise of the gig economy. With more people freelancing and more skills available to be tapped to complete projects quickly,...

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Embracing the New Normal: The Benefits of Working from Home for Employers and Employe...

Answer your emails while you’re lying in a hammock, avoid the annoying traffic, work your day job in your PJs – you’ve heard the several benefits of working from home (they’re all true!), right?
Ever since the world w...

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8 International Companies That Are Committed to Equal Pay & Offer Flexible Jobs Globa...

Although pay gaps between male and female talents of the same calibre are gradually closing worldwide, it’s still astonishing to see roles like CEO, sales consultants, developers, and even academics still having pay gaps as large as 25%.

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5 Reasons Why Telecommuting Is Great For Your Personal Growth


gerund or present participle: telecommuting

work from home, making use o...

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10 Lifesaving Tools For Freelancers Who Are Just Starting Out

Change is a scary thing. One of the most common fears that people have about leaving their full-time jobs to become a freelancer is, in fact, the biggest appeal about freelancing itself — independence.

This is because freela...

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How Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Mom Veena Sidhu Left Her Full-Time Job to Create a ...

In 2016, Veena Sidhu was at the height of her career — she was the Director of Sales and Publishing, as well as Senior Partner at Mindvalley group of companies, a global transformational education organisation with a multi-award winning comp...

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5 Reasons Flexible Jobs Can Successfully Jumpstart Your Career After a Break

Children, family, health, education — there are many personal reasons why you would need to take a long break from the corporate world.

Diving back into the grind after being away from a 9-5 (more like 9-6 for most!)...

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What Does a Flex Job Mean For Your Work Arrangement?

What used to be an unusual privilege for the select few is now a common arrangement in the workforce — flexible hours and conditions are fast becoming the norm for any job that can be done on a computer, whether you’re holding a full-t...

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What Would You Do If You Could Free Up An Hour A Day?

Many of us who take the flexible-job road are motivated by the freedom to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Having the ability to free up some hours in our week gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones, and...

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5 Interesting and Unexpected Flexible Jobs

Think flexible and remote jobs are only reserved for roles in customer support and sales, or trendy specialists of the tech and marketing sectors? Think again.

The world of flex jobs spans a much wider range of industries a...