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Designer (Assets) - MM Malaysia
Media Monks Sdn Bhd
Others, Designer, Creative
MYR 4,500
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Role & Responsibilities

- In this role, you’ll specialize in the design of static visuals for a wide variety of channels, including product interfaces, social media and display advertising.
- This is a fast-paced assignment that requires impeccable production skills.
- You’ll work as part of a dedicated global team of designers, illustrators, animators and art directors that produces world-class work.
- The job is about harmonizing speed, style and scale to produce loads of good-looking assets at a steady pace.
- Pixel perfectness is important. You safeguard quality at all times and work together with QA testers.
- In addition to making images incredible, you’ll make sure that designs adhere to guidelines and are consistent across ad formats, dimensions and languages.

- You have 1+ years of experience.
- You have solid Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Sketch skills are a plus.
- You know how to keep your files, layers and folders super-organized, even if you’re a creative mess outside of Photoshop.
- You can take charge of small tasks independently, and take on bigger jobs with little supervision.
- You can contribute to different stages of the production process, from setting styles and layouts to cutting formats and language versioning.
- Exceptional attention to detail, problem solving, and coping with rapid change is required.
- You’re always on the lookout for process efficiencies.
- You can handle repetitive tasks and stay focused.
- You’re well-versed in English and production tricks.
- You’re a clear communicator and are happy to work with designers from all over the world.