analyze consumer responses and campaign data using analytics tools, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and campaign performance. Data-driven decision-making helps refine marketing strategies, optimize campaigns, and drive better results.

Social Media Digital Marketing
MYR 4,500

Monitor, analyse campaign performance, evaluate campaign data, make statistically stable & relevant optimisations and recommendations. Overseeing the development/copy-writing of online marketing contents/collateral. Work closely and brainstorm with client servicing teams to execute digital campaigns. Manage on client's expectation and prepare on weekly meeting closely follow up with client. Research & stay updated with the latest performance marketing & industry trends, techniques, tools and traffic sources so you know the best practices to our marketing strategies.

Social Media Digital Marketing
MYR 3,500

Design & Develop Creative Artwork for Social Media Ads, Web banners, and Digital Marketing Ads. Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering information and materials. Plans concepts by studying information and materials. Produce drafts for review by management and make revisions based on the feedback received.

Graphic Design
MYR 1,000

Interpret Marketing Briefs and Objectives to understand Project Requirements. Ideation with Creative team & planning to write clear & concise copies for digital and print. Plan and Oversee the launch of Digital Marketing Campaigns. Write Copies that trigger emotions so that customers are compelled to take action.

Writer Copywriter
MYR 5,000

We understand the value of working hard but also working smart. We aim to find those with passion and drive in their respective field, with the ability to on occasion handle tight deadlines and client demands, while also keeping a healthy work-life balance. While your qualification might be impressive, our focus will be looking at your work skill as well as your personality. We keep a friendly atmosphere at the office, with everyone working towards the same goal.

Social Media Digital Marketing
MYR 4,000

We’re looking for a results-driven E-Commerce to actively seek out and engage customer prospects in any local Spoken Chinese dialect and to achieve factory production Capacity with Social and technical machinery spoken languages .You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every technical and Machinery performances in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.,

Social Media Digital Marketing
MYR 2,000

Propose new opportunities to bring in organic traffic that can be aligned with social media advertising strategy and company’s direction

Social Media Digital Marketing
MYR 2,500