Planning and developing design concepts that meet the objectives of a project and prepare drafts for review and approval. Working with others to complete design projects. Reviewing final layouts and suggest and make improvements, as necessary. Assisting in marketing activities like social media, website, and content creation. Develop content marketing for social media, website, offline marketing events activity, promotions, campaigns, and any marketing platforms to improve the number of leads and brand positioning.

Social Media Branding Graphic Design
MYR 3,000

To come out with 2 mood for a coffee kiosk in a showroom space of 20ft x 20ft. Already have the idea. Need to develop in a 3D visual

Graphic Design Illustration Product Design Animator

Supporting Graphic Design team in Designing works for clients

Graphic Design Illustration
MYR 2,500

Revise and update our Company Media Deck for partners

Graphic Design Illustration

Re design our Company Deck

Graphic Design Illustration

your responsibilities are to oversee the design and execution of visual projects for advertising, marketing, or a similar purpose. You meet with clients, develop timelines for project completion, build project budgets, and carry out strategic resource planning to meet deadlines efficiently.

Branding Graphic Design Illustration Product Design
MYR 8,000

in charge of developing and maintaining a creative vision that speaks to the reader, viewer, or user. To accomplish this, they manage teams of designers who work on creative projects such as film and television advertising, graphic design, and marketing.

Branding Graphic Design Illustration Product Design
MYR 7,500